Multiformat creates awards for the National Chamber of Fisheries' "Marine Life" award ceremony

Multiformato crea galardones

A Multiformato team, led by Billy Soto in graphic design and Diego Tapia and Víctor Avilés in product design/manufacturing, conceived and developed the awards for the "Vida Marina" event. Which seeks to recognize and highlight commitment and excellence in responsible fishing and marine conservation.

The awards fuse the majesty of a boat with the elegance of Ecuadorian fish fins, capturing the essence of marine life and reminding us of the importance of protecting the oceans.

The collaboration demonstrates how private companies and public organizations benefit from ESPOL's experience in research, exploration and design through this new service center, which promotes multidisciplinary innovation and the realization of innovative solutions in the areas of Graphic Design, Product Design and Audiovisual Production.

Multiformatos FADCOM crea galardones para evento