Student Groups

logo breik

BREIK- Coverage and audiovisual communication club

The main function of the club is event coverage, where everything is reflected in photographs and audiovisual capsules. Likewise, photography and editing workshops and photography contests. 


Tweening - Illustration, script and animation club of ESPOL

A space where students can practice creative activities in a comfortable environment among people with the same hobbies. Being part of the club will help them in their professional life, sharing knowledge and experience with future illustrators.

logo alucine

Alucine - ESPOL Film Club

Alucine is a family of friends united by the collective experience of seeing, living and sharing the passion for the seventh art. Different activities are carried out within the club, such as projections, film discussions and film cycles of different films. 

logo tweening

LUBEZKI - Photography Club

If you are a lover of photography, in our club we have extracurricular activities so that you can develop your skills together with a team that will be attentive to you and will love you very much. 

logo fanpol

Fanpol - Asian Culture Research

Club for lovers of Asian culture, with activities focused on traditions, gastronomy, crafts and artistic and literary expressions.