Frequent Asked Questions


1. What is the process to cancel a course or semester?

 Once you fill out the application that is uploaded in: Student Applications

You must send it to and attach the pertinent supports according to Art. 28 of the GRADUATE REGULATIONS OF THE HIGHER POLITECHNICAL SCHOOL OF LITORAL, ESPOL. The request and supports will be analyzed by the Academic Unit Council of FADCOM.

Article 28.- Withdrawal of a subject, course or equivalent.- A student in a course may voluntarily withdraw from one or more subjects, courses or equivalent in a regular academic period, within the term defined in the institutional academic calendar, which in no case may exceed 8 working days from the day academic activities begin. In extraordinary academic periods, the deadlines established in the academic calendar shall apply.
The student may request the Board of Directors of his/her academic unit, the withdrawal of one or more subjects, courses or equivalents, outside the term defined in the institutional academic calendar, only in the case of fortuitous situations or force majeure, demonstrating in a documented manner to be unable to continue with his/her studies; the cause or declared event The maximum term for the submission of the request in the cases set forth in the preceding paragraph shall not exceed two academic terms following the academic term for which the withdrawal request applies, provided that it has not been registered in the immediately preceding academic term. In exceptional cases, the Polytechnic Council may rule on applications that are submitted outside the maximum period indicated.
If the withdrawal is made in one or more subjects whose registration was made within the extraordinary enrollment period, the amount paid will not be refunded.

It should be noted that the cancellation request does not apply when the student has taken exams and improvement, since there is no evidence of any impediment to continue with the studies must be unforeseeable, irresistible and not attributable to negligence of the student.


2. How do I change careers?

Career changes are handled as follows:

  • By means of an application form available at
  • Only during the qualifying dates detailed in the institutional academic calendar published on the Espol website
  • Each faculty decides whether or not to accept the application.
  • If your change is to a career that belongs to a different area of knowledge than the one you are currently in, you must be subject to the Admission processes that are in force by the Espol Admissions Office.
  • The process is based on the conditions described in art. 96 of the current Academic Regulations. 

a) Change of career within the same public HEI: this is applicable when at least one regular academic period has been completed and more than fifty percent (50%) of the subjects, courses or their equivalents of the study plan have been passed, of which at least one can be homologated in the receiving career, in the same type of third level training. The change may be made only once for the purposes of gratuity.


3. If I do not have an academic advisor assigned to me, who should I contact?

You must send an email to indicating which career you belong to, then your career coordinator will be in charge of assigning a counselor. The process is only carried out within the dates stipulated for Academic Counseling determined in the current academic calendar.


4. Is it possible to request a certified copy of the university degree?

You can request a certified copy of your title, through or write to .


5.  How do I withdraw my documents to study at another university?

You can request to the Academic Technical Secretariat, through the mail


6. How can I obtain the certificate of having passed the English subjects at CELEX?

Write to indicating your name and registration number.


7. What should I do if I want to resume my career?

If you currently have more than 5 years without having taken courses, you must apply for reinstatement to the career at career change option, the date of this process will be subject to the current academic calendar. 


8. When are payments for scholarships made?

This procedure is handled by the Polytechnic Welfare Management. For more information, please send an e-mail to .


9. What are the requirements for Espol to grant me a scholarship and what are the types of scholarships available?

The scholarships are managed by the Polytechnic Welfare Management. For more information, please contact .


10. Is it possible to validate a course from the Coursera, EdX and Miríadax platforms with a complementary subject?

It is possible to request the homologation of these courses as long as the course consists of a minimum of 28 hours. To do so, you must send a request to the Dean's Office at the following e-mail: attaching the course approval certificate.


11. How many credits am I a regular student?

A student is a regular student when he/she registers a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 15 credits in his/her regular semester.


12. Do internship credits help me become regular?

If a student who is not a regular student starts his or her internship within the period he or she is enrolled, these credits will also count towards regularity. Once the internship coordinator approves the student's internship registration, the student will be regular. The process is established in the Registration Instructions corresponding to each PAO, the equivalence is 1 credit for every 48 hours of internships completed.  


13. Is it possible to take more than one subject, with status A Proof Authorized?

You must register in the subject in which you are on probation, along with 2 additional subjects; however, it is not advisable to take additional subjects. There is the possibility that you are not a regular student, since, if you register in 2 additional subjects, you should consider that the cost that you will have to pay before the beginning of the following semester will be higher.


14. Is it possible to register with cross scheduling between subjects?

This is not possible.


15. Can I register with a debt to value?

It is not possible to register with a debt of value. You must make a payment extension, which is valid only once in your student life and for a single academic term, therefore, it is recommended to make use of this unique opportunity only for high amounts. The application is sent to where you must detail the amount of the debt and your commitment to pay before the beginning of the next term, must be signed attaching a copy of your ID (a single pdf file).


16. Can I register for the Integrative Subject if I am missing the pre-professional internship or internship?

It is not possible, in order to have access to the integrating subject registration, you must have your internship completed and your hours registered in the linkage system.


17. Is it possible to take a knowledge validation test in any subject?

You should contact your career coordinator to review your academic status and determine whether or not this application applies.


18. If I lose my degree, can I request to change to another career at Espol?

You may request a change of career within the dates established in the Espol academic calendar, as long as the subject failed for the third time is not in the curriculum of the career to which you wish to change.


19. If I don't register for a semester, what do I have to do?

The enrollment will remain active, however, you may not exceed 5 years equivalent to 10 semesters without taking any course, since the system will set the status to Inactive and this implies that you will have to apply for re-entry.  


20. What is the enrollment process for those who received a place at Espol?

You should contact the Admissions Office at .


21. What are the requirements or documents to obtain the title?

Once the student has passed all the credits of his/her study plan together with the integrating subject of the course, he/she must upload the following documents to the repository:

  • Evaluation of the integrative project: Student Applications.
  • Integrative project signed by the professor and tutor.
  • Professional resume
  • Final tutoring report signed by the tutor in charge.
  • Identity card copy and voting certificate in color.


22. What should I do if I want to do an academic mobility?

Students interested in national academic mobility should contact Mgtr. Andrea Hermenegildo to learn about the mobility and registration process.


23. What process do I go through if I want to apply to Work and Travel?

Applicants for this opportunity should write to to learn about opportunities to travel and live in the United States during the university vacation period to learn about American culture.