Motion Lab: A New Space for Creativity at ESPOL

personas en motion lab

On Friday, May 17, the inauguration of Motion Lab, Ecuador's first Stop Motion Laboratory, took place. This innovative space is located within the facilities of the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL) and belongs to the Faculty of Art, Design, and Audiovisual Communication (FADCOM).

The event was attended by Dr. Cecilia Paredes Verduga, Ph.D., Rector of ESPOL, and the Dean of FADCOM, Dr. Nayeth Solórzano, Ph.D. Both emphasized the importance of this space and encouraged students to continue with these creative processes that fill the ESPOL Campus with art.

The laboratory is housed in building 7B of the ESPOL Library Center and includes spaces designed to facilitate the development of Stop Motion projects. It features an area for the construction and assembly of models, two animation studios equipped with technology for Stop Motion production, common areas for collaborative work, and an exhibition gallery to showcase finished projects.

Motion Lab is the result of the joint work of Technical Instructor Víctor Estrada and Instructor Juan Sebastián Mosquera, both from FADCOM, who have brought this initiative to life with the support of ESPOL authorities.

The inauguration of this laboratory marks a milestone in the academic development of Ecuadorian audiovisuals by offering a specialized space where students, professionals, and enthusiasts can create innovative projects and develop their skills in this animation technique.

Victor Estrada, Cecilia Paredes, Nayeth Solorzano, Niños, Stop Motion

© Photography and Writing: José Luis Castro