Design with value: Francesco Magnone on World Italian Design Day

Francesco Magnone en el dia mundial del diseño Italiano

On March 14, 2024, Francesco Magnone, M.Sc, professor at the Faculty of Art, Design and Audiovisual Communication of ESPOL, participated as a speaker at the event "La Giornata del Desing Italiano nel Mondo - World Day of Italian Design (IDD)".

The event organized by the Ecuadorian-Italian Binational Chamber of Commerce (CBEI) hosted topics related to the creation of value with approaches to inclusion, innovation and sustainability.

Magnone offered a talk titled "Adding Value to Products through Design" that emphasizes the production process that leads to the creation of industrial design objects that are aesthetically beautiful, but also of high material value.


Francesco Magnone diseño con valor FADCOM


Thanks to this presentation, participants learned the importance of using quality raw materials and implementing manufacturing processes that combine tradition with current production techniques.

During the event, the teacher held conversations with representatives of the CBEI, the Italian Embassy in Quito and other Ecuadorian universities, opening the door to new opportunities that will help strengthen the presence of FADCOM in the field of national and international design.

This participation is a reflection that FADCOM teachers carry out to train creative leaders who contribute to a better future.