MIDI-AM at the INTCEC 2024 Congress.

Decana FADCOM Nayeth Solorzano  Congreso

Nayeth Solórzano, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Art, Design, and Audiovisual Communication (FADCOM) at ESPOL, participates as a speaker at the "Interdisciplinary Conference on Electrics and Computer" (INTCEC 2024) Congress. The oral presentation titled "Design of a technological platform for teaching children's musical initiation through gamification" explains the development around the web and mobile applications implemented for the MIDI Musical project, a research initiative of the MIDI-AM projects of FADCOM.

This technological platform was developed in partnership with COPOL and has as its main purpose to facilitate musical education for children in their early years of schooling, characterized by its focus on gamification to make musical learning more interactive and attractive.

MIDI-AM at the INTCEC 2024 Congress. The INTCEC 2024 is organized by Lewis University in the USA and Gazi University in Turkey, from June 11th to 13th in Romeoville, Illinois. The objective of INTCEC is to bring together scientists, engineers, and researchers working in electricity, electronics, and computer science, to foster discussion on technological and engineering topics with an interdisciplinary approach to develop more comprehensive applications for the future. FADCOM's participation in INTCEC 2024 underscores the institution's commitment to innovation and interdisciplinary education, highlighting its contributions to the integration of technology and pedagogy.




© Photography: Nayeth Solórzano, Ph.D. Writing: José Luis Castro