Duel: FADCOM Short Film Selected for CineCaos Festival in Brazil

FADCOM en Festival CineCaos

The short film "Duelo", a co-production between the Ampai collective and the School of Art, Design and Audiovisual Communication (FADCOM) of ESPOL, has been selected for the online exhibition of the Brazilian festival CineCaos.

The short film was created thanks to the collaborative work of the entire Audiovisual Directing class of Professor Juan Sebastián Mosquera. The students took on different roles in the production, from extras and supporting actors to members of the camera crew, art direction, production assistants and sound design. Augusto Calderón assisted with the photographic direction and colorization of the short film.


Cortometraje Duelo FADCOM


This selection, which marks the beginning of the short film's tour of international festivals, demonstrates the talent and dedication of FADCOM students.


  • Director: Sebastián Mosquera
  • Cinematography: Augusto Calderón
  • Art Direction: Génesis Aguas
  • Sound and Foley Design: Andrew Lau, Karen Salinas
  • Assistant Directors: Shirley Moran, Kennia Rosales
  • Second Assistant Directors: Alejandra Córdova, Wesley Tobar
  • Cinematographers: Verónica Caicedo, Aldo García, Carlos Nuñez, Poulette Venegas
  • Art Team: Nixon Ronquillo, Ana Quiles, Suzanne Bayas
  • Clapper: Aimed Tumbaco
  • Editing and colorization: Ampai
  • Choreography: Dana Romero
  • Song: "SalamAleikum" by Iñaki The Common


  • Dancers: Daniela Sánchez, Dana Romero
  • Slaves: Diego Vera, Diana Sobrevilla
  • Judges: Edison Pérez
  • Players: Diego Naht, Javier Guzmán, Miguel Arias, Carlos Merchán, Genesis Alvarado, Paulette Landívar, Andrea Castro
Festival CineCaos selecciona a cortometraje Duelo
© Photography: Juan Sebastian Mosquera Writing: José Luis Castro