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Student Clubs

Student clubs are multidisciplinary groups that ESPOL offers to their students the opportunity to develop various skills in different areas. The diversity of the clubs enriches the social, cultural, and educational experiences among students, generating great value for their members, the polytechnic community, and society.

The current clubs work in different areas such as environmental care, professional development, art, culture, research, communication; seeking the integral development of their members.

FADCOM has several student clubs and the list is constantly growing, inviting everyone at ESPOL to join them or found a club that responds to their interests. The current clubs available are:

Anifonix. This club´s main goal is to provide a professional service in sound recording and editing. The students also venture into voice dubbing for films and documentary. This club is tutored by professor Guillermo Doylet.


Ionis FX.

Special Effects Club. The work of the students includes special make-up for film or video productions, creating molds for prosthetics, and scale reproductions of scenery, and also set decoration. This club is tutored by professor Da Hee Park.



The  Breik digital online magazine is the main ongoing project of this club. Bachelor students from Social Communication, Graphic Design, and Audiovisual Production Careers put into practice knowledge related to Media. This club is tutored by professor Paola Ulloa.


FPS Production Club.

Our talented students and photographers from ESPOL gather in this club to promote their art and serve the polytechnic community in any photography or videography related projects. This club is tutored by professor Omar Rodríguez.



The Illustration and Animation Club brings together students interested in the development of illustrated characters, drawing, painting  and the development of short animated films.