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Occupational profile

The future professionals of the Bachelor's Degree in Production for Media, based on the relevance, the follow-up of graduates, the study of employability and the new trends in the discipline, will be able to practice in the following professional fields and their respective roles:

Television, radio and multimedia production companies: director, cameraman, executive producer, editor, post-producer and content creator, colorists.

Television channels: assistant directors, editors, producer, director.

Advertising Agencies: producers, 2D and 3D animator, director.

Communication and Audiovisual Departments: creative editor, filmmakers, audiovisual communicators.

Audiovisual technical consulting: audiovisual consultant

Digital sound and video studio: sound director, mixer, sound engineer, technical department assistant.

Animation Studios: 2D and 3D animator, illustrator.

Photographic studios: photographer, producer, director of photography, assistant director.

Secondary education and institutes as a teacher in subjects related to the arts and / or audiovisual producer; and,

Higher Education as teachers and researchers in audiovisual media.

Producers for the media generate all kinds of audiovisual material for digital platforms, communication and multimedia, art and culture, animation, television commercials, radio and digital media. In addition, they will also be able to develop artistic-cultural projects, as well as being a member of a multidisciplinary team in television channels, advertising agencies, educational content products, press agencies, or independently, participating in national and international festivals that reward the creativity in the audiovisual.