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Phone book


To call an internal 3-digit number, you press number 2 first. For example, if you want to call extension 250, you must dial 2250. To call an internal 4-digit number, you dial directly without pressing any extra numbers.


If you wish to call FADCOM extension 252, from outside ESPOL, please just dial 3708250.


FADCOM Phone Extensions- Administration Building (Block A)
Office Name Position Area Phone: 2269-
O103 Roxana López Chilan

Director's Assistant

Administrative 2201
O001 Josefa Peña Manrique Executive Assistant Administrative 2290
O018 Katty Sánchez Guaman Academic Assistant Administrative 2250
O101 Mónica Chávez Cumbe

Assistant to the Master’s Degree Program in Digital Audiovisual Postproduction




Extensiones Telefónicas FADCOM- Edificio de aulas, cursos y talleres (Bloque B y C)
Office Name Position Area Phone: 2269-
O105 Gregorio Cruz Gonzabay IT Infrastructure Analyst Computer Department 2280
O105 Jorge Portilla Astudillo

Technical support assistant

Computer Department 2280
O209 Marcos Balladares Ramos Fixed Assets Assistant Administrative 2234
O204 Byron Cortez Hidalgo Teaching Technician Audiovisual Production 2287