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Lines of research

Research Axes

► The Faculty of Art, Design and Audiovisual Communication has 7 research professors and 1 postdoctoral professor, who work in three main areas of research: Art and Technology, Design, Culture and Sustainability, and Audiovisual Communication, Society and Culture. These lines of research focus on the development and exploration of fields related to design and audiovisual communication, which are directly linked to our academic careers in Graphic Design, Media Production and Product Design.  

FADCOM's research area promotes research culture and knowledge transfer in our disciplines based on the following strategic axes:  

Axis 1: Develop artistic-scientific research, analyzing technological advances, educational and other factors that influence the scope of the faculty.  

Axis 2: Promote and disseminate the methodological and creative approach to research in visual arts and design.  

Axis 3: Integrate multidisciplinary and collaborative work between teachers and students, as well as collaboration with other academic and professional researchers for the development of artistic and design research.  

Axis 4: To promote research in teaching, encouraging updated and analytical critical reflection of our practice.  

Axis 5: Promote research and innovation in relevant research projects. 

Lines of Research


María de los Ángeles Custoja, PhD (c)

Ruth Matovelle, PhD

María de Lourdes Pilay, PhD (c)

Mónica Robles, PhD (c)