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Ñawi Magazine

ÑAWI. ART, DESIGN AND COMMUNICATION is a ESPOL’s biannual scientific journal. The purpose of this new project promoted by the Department of Art, Design and Audiovisual Communication (FADCOM) adheres to ESPOL’s Mission and Vision. In accordance with these values, ÑAWI. ART, DESIGN AND COMMUNICATION aims to be a national reference magazine where research and scientific innovation constitute the fundamental pillars to forge a freer, fairer and more responsible society, and for promoting and developing Ecuador’s culture, with the idea of shaping a project that is an international reference.

ÑAWI. ART, DESIGN AND COMMUNICATION is therefore born with a clear vocation for research and international dialogue of knowledge. The excellent Scientific Committee we have set up reflects both the high level of research excellence and its decided international projection, in order to promote the knowledge society.