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General Pre-professional internship

In accordance with the CES Academic Regime Regulations and according to the curricular review of each career at ESPOL, in effect since May 2017, the College of Art, Design and Audiovisual Communication (FADCOM) establishes for the careers of:

 Graphic Design

Production for Media

The following minimum of hours required for the completion of the curriculum:

240 hours of pre-professional internships

96 hours of community service internship

Total 336 hours

Students must consider the following article of the academic regime:



Article 13.- Academic period.- The academic periods in the Higher Education System consider either an ordinary term or an extraordinary term. Ordinary academic period (PAO).- “In order to facilitate academic mobility in the Higher Education System, the Superior Educational Institutions (IES) will implement at least two ordinary academic periods per year, with a minimum of 16 effective weeks to carry out academic activities in each period ...”

In the graduate careers, during the academic work week, a full-time student must dedicate between 45 hours per week for academic activities.


Article18.- Students have the obligation to enroll in pre-professional practices. If the student fails or voluntarily withdraws from the pre-professional internship 7 days after starting the internship, it will be considered loss of enrollment and will lose the gratuity the second time they register.

In the event of withdrawal due to fortuitous situations that prevents the completion of the practice, these duly documented cases will be known and approved by the corresponding Board of Directors, at the time the situation arises.

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