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Objectives and outcomes


Graphic Design majors, after graduating, must be able to:

1. Perform professionally as graphic creatives in project development, helping the management of design in companies at a strategic, functional and operational level, in order to make them more competitive and solve professional challenges at national and international level.

2. Become an entrepreneurial leader who, through research and innovation, designs communication concepts and products with an analytical and critical vision depending on the needs.

3. Acquire new skills and knowledge, through continuous education around the use and application of new methodologies, techniques and knowledge according to the market, and technological advances.

4. Achieve achievements or recognition as a result of ethical and responsible actions in the performance of their professional and personal endeavors with society.


1. Understand ethical and professional responsibility.

2. Ability to communicate orally and in writing in Spanish effectively.

3. Ability to communicate in English.

4. Recognize the need and have the ability to become engaged in learning throughout life.

5. Understand contemporary themes.

6. Ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team.

7. Recognize the need and have the skills to venture.

8. Ability to apply principles and processes related to visual communication.

9. Ability to carry out research and process analysis in the execution of graphic projects.

10. Ability to use technologies in the design of creative solutions to visual communication problems.