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Current groups

Feminism, Crafts, Design and Art (FADA)

This research group wants to tackle the problem of certain women cultural manufactures, particularly devalued and invisible. Specifically, we are interested in four types of production: handicrafts, arts, discourse, and science around which the following research hotbeds will be configured.

1. Artisan Manufacture of the Huancavilcas.

2. Feminist Artistic Manufacture of Young Ecuadorians.

3. Speech manufacture of the Six Thousand Guayaquileñas participating in the "Letters to Women" Program developed by UN Women in 2012.

4. Non-Sexist Scientific Production.

Visual Culture, Communication and Decoloniality (CUVICODE)

This aims to be an interdisciplinary and international research group whose priority line is the investigation of visual culture and audiovisual representations of Ecuador and the rest of Latin America (cinema, television, audiovisual products, advertising and public relations, sound and music, photography, etc.) from the coordinates of decolonial theory and in transversal dialogue with communication, philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, gender studies and aesthetic theories applied to audiovisuals.